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Underwater Digital CamerasWelcome to Underwater Digital Camera Tips! One thing which stands out above all else is the sheer amount of change which has come about during the last 30 years in terms of underwater photography. For example, during the nineteen eighty's we began seeing more and more photographers becoming interested in underwater photography, but at that stage they were still using video cameras and still camera lenses covered with plastic in order to make them waterproof. By the time the nineteen nineties arrived, water resistant lenses had arrived on the market, followed shortly by waterproof cameras. These new cameras allowed photographers to take photographs of both stationery and moving sea life, complete with flash. Since the millennium there have also been numerous improvements due to the advancement of technology. In fact, digital photography has even made it possible for complete beginners to take to the sea with their cameras.

For many photographers, the biggest advantage of today's modern cameras is that they are now able to venture to underwater areas where few people have been before, knowing that by combining their skills with the latest underwater digital cameras, they'll consistently be able to take quality photographs.

Such is the popularity of underwater photography nowadays that it has become a singular activity requiring its own set of techniques. Gone are the days when it was only botanists and naturalists taking to the water with their cameras in order to study underwater species. Instead, nowadays we can see historians photographing ancient wrecks, we see anthropologists at work, and we even see couples wanting to photograph a child been born under the water.

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