Review of the Casio Exlim G1 EX Endurance Digital Camera

Review Comments of the Casio Exlim G1 EX

casio-exilim-g1-ex-waterproof-digital-cameraThis Casio Exlim EX G1 is a tough, rugged little camera that will take a licking and keep on kicking. It is shock resistant, waterproof, dust proof and it really has a slick slim design. It is especially designed for those that give endurance a priority for their cameras. It has great resolution at 12 megapixels and it has features such as interval shooting and multi-image capture. The interval shooting means that it will keep taking pictures at what ever interval you set. The camera takes movies too.

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If you are one of those people that likes to be your camera to death then this cameras for you. Military members especially like this camera because they can take it into environments that are very harsh and a keeps working. So if you like jet skis or water parks it also does a great job at being waterproof. Many military members are already familiar with the Casio brand because they make great runners watches. When I was in the Army I kept the Casio going for years despite the abuse. So you know this camera will be tough.

Take a look at this camera by clicking the links below. Compare it to others and I think you will give it very positive attention. The price is right too.

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