Underwater Waterproof case for Pentax Optio A10,A20,A30,A40

WP110: Underwater Waterproof case for Pentax Optio A10,A20,A30,A40
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Product Description

DICAPac, a waterproof case and word combing Dica and Pac (pack), is a product of DICAPac Inc. , which first seeks the safety of digital equipment. It is a product of the global brand which exports to 35 countries and manufactures in Korea.
DICAPac has products for various digital electronic equipment.
Because the Dicapac is up to 10m waterproof, your filming limits are expanded to taking pictures under water. It is possible to clearly photograph water splashes and enhance your images by adding sound of the water. In the winter time, Dicapac is usable in ski resorts. Protect your camera from water, sand, dust, etc.

Product Details

  • Guaranteed underwater performance up to 16 ft. (5m) deep
  • UV coated polycarbonate lens cover allows users to take crystal clear pictures
  • Transparent and flexible case for convenient camera control
  • Reliable sealing system with waterproof zipper and "Roll & Velcro" closure
  • Meets JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) protection class 8 for waterproofing

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